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My heart is yours

It’s you that I hold on to

That’s what I do


Yeah I saw sparks

Kristina Train - Sparks (Coldplay cover)

I Give it a Year Soundtrack (2013)

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I’m feeling so tired
Really falling apart
And it just don’t make sense to me
I really don’t know
Why you stick right next to me
Wherever I go

Mac Demarco - My Kind of Woman

Mac Demarco - 2 (2012)

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Winona, you badass.

Winona, you badass.

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I can see the glowing lights
I can see them every night
Really not that far away
I could be there in a day

I wonder if you live there still
I kinda think you always will
If I tried you’d probably be
Hard to find

The National - Trouble Will Find Me (2013)

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